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Letter: Tops execs’ bonus plan does nothing for workers

A recent Buffalo News opinion piece stated that Tops top-five executives’ bonus plan is “reasonable and justifiable.” This is borderline insanity as these executives are responsible for the company’s current plight as well as the disappearance of the thousands of workers’ hard-earned pension dollars.

This company has the wherewithal to hire the best lawyers to fight for them in bankruptcy court, as well as the elite law firm locally to fight the labor unions working on behalf of these Western New York families.

A recent article in Everybody’s Column was far more practicable as it calls for the $3.6 million slated for the Tops “fat cats” be donated to lost pension benefits for its frontline workers.

When Tops sold the Wilson Farms convenience store chain, it was communicated to the remaining workers that this move would allow the company to focus on its grocery retail chain and ensure its preservation for the future, as the profits from this sale were not shared with the remaining or departing workers who lost their positions.

There is no tight job market for the failing executives. Preposterous.

Darrin Ziemba


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