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Letter: Supporting Trump involves looking the other way

Every day the news is all about President Trump, and we watch with such hunger. Why?

Those who support this man were aware of him and history. How is it that so many people were blind and forgiving of his personal transgressions? These people didn’t seem to care that he did not have a moral compass. He only cares about his “brand,” the Trump empire.

When we look at all this and continue to support him, what does it say about us? How is it that so many people are willing to look the other way and put their faith in such a shallow, self-absorbed man like this? I am in awe of all the people at his rallies clapping and cheering him on. Can they not see through him? He is playing them.

I truly believe that we are better than this and deserve better representation. We need to look within and ask ourselves “do I want to be exploited by this self-absorbed man?” I hope we don’t make the same mistakes again and re-elect him.

Margaret Bakowski


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