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Letter: America’s not greater in the age of Trump

I was disgusted with the new fantasy painting at the White House that shows President Trump sitting at a table enjoying his “brotherhood” with Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, etc. I bet old Abraham would roll over in his grave if he could see his party today: an administration which allegedly was out to “drain the swamp,” but instead has filled the swamp with unqualified, incompetent, lying and crooked personnel, several dozen of which have already departed (willingly and otherwise, some to jail) in less than two years.

“Make America Great Again” is a joke. Do you really think America is “greater” now than two years ago? What do you think our allies like Britain, France and Germany think? How about Mexico and Canada? I’d bet “greater” to them means more than the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, the American stock market, and our unemployment rate, which are the only things that seem to matter to this administration.

Human rights (including women’s), safety and environmental leadership, trade partnering, immigration (remember “give us your tired, your poor,” etc.?). I think not. Even Trump’s buddy, Vladimir Putin, said recently that America is a “fading superpower.”

Defenders of the party say “look at all he’s done,” but do the ends justify the means? Trump has raised vile behavior to an art form, and this behavior has spread throughout his fan base (look at the mob attitudes at his rallies). We appear to have become a much ruder society than we were before.

Help end America’s nightmare with this administration and its followers at all levels of government – vote them out.

Keith Williams

Grand Island

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