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'Device' sent to Cuomo's office reportedly contained literature

At a news briefing with state, city and federal officials in Manhattan, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said this afternoon that a suspicious device of some sort was sent to his government office in midtown Manhattan.

"There's a number of devices. We wouldn't be at all surprised if more devices show up. A device has been sent to my office, in Manhattan, which we were just informed about. That device is also being handled,'' Cuomo said.

The governor did not elaborate, but according to New York City-based media outlets, the device contained literature. He later told reporters a package had been removed by state and city police and that the building "is all clear.''

The New York Police Department has since deemed the package not to be hazardous. Cuomo, though, would not comment "until the investigation is complete."

He spoke outside CNN's Manhattan offices, which were evacuated earlier today after an explosive device – which police identified as a pipe bomb – was found in the mail. Explosive devices were also sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and other prominent Democrats.

Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio used their rare joint appearance to rail against the level of political rhetoric in the nation. "Don't encourage violence,'' the mayor said in a plea to public officials.

Cuomo said "overheated rhetoric, extremism that pushes people to violence" is not good for democracy.

Suspected bombs sent to Obama, Clinton and CNN offices

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