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Letter: Kanye West spoke untruths during his White House visit

Kanye West brought up some serious issues during his rant at the White House in front of President Donald Trump and the cameras. However, as an African-American who works hard to improve my community I must point out that he spoke with misinformation and incorrect facts.

Clearly, he does not read or do research. I realize that Kanye has problems and needs help but he does the African-American community great harm when he makes statements that are not true.

He talked about African-Americans not owning land and not having a desire to own land. As a property owner and an heir to land left by my grandfather in Alabama, I can testify that this is not true.

We do have many problems that need to be addressed but a lot of good people are working to solve them. The danger of Kanye speaking like he does is that people will believe the stereotypes that he describes. He paints everyone with the same brush.

Kanye does not speak for all African-Americans who work hard daily, serve our country in the military, and are good citizens. He had an opportunity at the White House to propose some specific suggestions and working with the president to come up with viable solutions that perhaps would be a good beginning in solving the problems that he described.

Eva Doyle


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