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Letter: Trump’s continuous rants must be muted by voters

The Grand Old Party of Lincoln is gone. Welcome to the Party of Trump. Two years of daily rants, tweets, and discernible lies, he’s admired by a puzzling number of Republicans wanting “their country back.” Really? Take back from whom?

In June 2015, announcing his presidential bid, Trump’s first hate-filled utterance was against Mexicans and persists today with needling of anyone nonwhite, especially those wishing to participate in our American dream.

Trump’s chants “Make America Great Again” is a cruel joke to those of us old enough to know better and having survived difficult times with far better presidents of both parties, who welcomed “loyal opposition” and surrounded themselves with the best and the brightest.

Today we see a huge con job being perpetrated on us, insidiously, eroding environment, government and democracy. Freedom of speech is only welcomed by those who go along. All others “get out”.

The press is “the enemy of the people”. Facts are “fake news.” Our two greatest democratic values, ridiculed. Unable to overcome his narcissism, Democrats are blamed for his own failures. Unfazed while his party, unchecked, strips away minority voting rights.

Trump has torn families apart, even those entering legally, seeking asylum. Justice, to his thinking, has certain caveats. Loyalty to him comes first. Everyone else best stand in line.

While there is no discussion of infrastructure, health care, global warming or raising income, we are entertained, daily, about his earning power and loaded coffers, (never yours). Ad nauseum, we hear “lock her up,” never “lock him up” and shouting how tough he is (yet scared of Robert Mueller).

Soon, sunlight and truth will filter in. Justice will truly prevail when the American people shout “your fired.”

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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