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Letter: President only deigns to acknowledge disaster

So, the narcissist-in-chief again demonstrates his priorities. The panhandle of Florida is virtually wiped from the face of America, and he chose to attend another of his never-ending pep rallies.

He is quoted as saying “I cannot disappoint the thousands … we’re talking about thousands of people…” You got that right, Mr. Trump. Except that there are hundreds of thousands of people who just had their lives devastated.

Clearly, he believes it more important to have the unbridled love and attention from his adoring mindless base than to take some kind of definitive action to comfort and console those who have lost so much. Why?

Well, because he doesn’t care about average America.

He is only interested in seeking affirmation from those who blindly agree with him, whether it be the feckless Republicans or those who are hand-picked to laugh as he mocks women, minorities and immigrants.

But fear not Florida, you have his “thoughts and prayers” (not really). I’d be willing to bet if a Hurricane Hillary wiped Mar-a-Lago off the map (don’t wish this to happen) he’d want to rebuild it using taxpayer dollars and propose a 30-foot seawall to protect his new toy.

Governance? Not relevant. Love and affection from his loyal subjects? At all costs. You get what you vote for America.

George McNally


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