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What They Said: Bills lament inability to adjust to Colts

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander

Trouble in the second quarter, why were you unable to find something to stop it like you had most of this year?

"I really couldn't tell you until I watch it. I know they came out with a couple of different schemes that we weren't necessarily prepared for. As a team, we have to be able to adjust. Maybe they get you that first drive and you come back out and adjust, but like I said, they switched it up. Some good gap schemes, outside, inside and run this insert play with the tight end play. Just being able to fit some things up and we didn't execute and they did, that's why they came out (on top). I think they ran the ball a lot more effectively than they have done in the past. Any time they run the ball like that, it's hard to stop a team and they are number one on third down and there were some third-and-short situations that we were unable to convert."

Did that ball get away from you in the end zone or was (Andrew) Luck able to knock it out of bounds?

"Yeah, it's a scrum. He's running for it, I'm running for it. It's hard to – if I probably had to do it again, I might have tried to hit him and then get it. But it happened all in the blink of an eye so I was just trying to jump and as I jumped I made some contact with him and it was just out of my reach as far as getting it. A safety, touchdown – it's all positive. After that we’ve got to try to use that momentum and we weren't able to capitalize on that.”

Quarterback Derek Anderson

I know you’ve taken a lot of pride in anything you’re going to do. You were under tough circumstances, but did it work out in ways that were, even in a bad way, beyond what you thought or expected for you?

“I mean, I’ve got to be very conscientious of the facts. You know coach talks about controlling the football and not giving them points. I gave them points before the half and then came right back out in the second half and turned it over again and they get seven points. I just got to be better with the ball, better awareness. Can’t turn the ball over four times and expect to win a football game.”

Was the most frustrating part, the fact that you guys were moving the ball? You’re in their end of the field and then the worst happens.

“Yeah, we did. Obviously, the way it felt in it and I feel like we gave ourselves some chances early on and then really got in a had-to-throw-it situation and they’re not jumping things, they’re just going to keep sinking and that makes it really difficult to keep moving the ball down the field. The last couple drives, I was trying hard just to get it to the backs and let them run it down the field. I made a couple throws that obviously were pressed and obviously it just can’t happen.”

How prepared did you feel? Realistically under the circumstances, under which this start came to be, how prepared did you feel out there?

“I think mentally, I was good. I went into it and I had a very good grasp of what we were trying to do, what they were trying to do to us. I put a lot of time into it and that’s the most frustrating thing about it. You know I was here for 10 days and the way these guys just kind of jumped in and grabbed onto me and the way our week went. I spent extra hours trying to just make sure that I was comfortable with what we were doing. I probably watched their games, every single one of their games, four or five times, just trying to get a feel for it. I know a lot of guys who worked their tails off. I came here and the first week I was here I said to some guys, ‘That’s a big Thursday.’ We got the pads on Thursday and guys were flying around and they’re working their tails off. And it’s not really, maybe not that tempo, because we’ve got a lot of young guys. A lot of young guys, I’m not used to that tempo, but I was very impressed with the way that we work. Personally, I think to answer your question, I did, I felt very prepared for it. But just put us in tough situations where they don’t have anything, they can just kept sinking and that makes it difficult to get balls down the field.”

How did you feel physically?

“I don’t feel great right now, I’m not going to lie to you. I think the line did a good job. We had one little protection issue where we let a guy go free, but came to the sideline and made an adjustment, ‘Hey if that happens again,’ I was going to change the protection. Physically, I got a little banged up, but that’s part of the game.”

What about the job that Chris Ivory and Marcus Murphy did with LeSean McCoy going down early? Can you speak to that?

“They did a great job. Chris, obviously I’ve watched him play from afar. He runs hard, he’s got good vision. I hand him a couple balls and I’m like, ‘Where’s he going with this one,’ and he hits the backside. Those guys did a great job stepping in for LeSean. But as a whole, to kind of summarize, we can’t turn the ball over. We’ve got to execute. When we cross the 50 (yard line) we’ve got to get points. At halftime, that’s inexcusable. I’ve got to move it seven yards and we probably get a field goal there. Try to throw it to KB (Kelvin Benjamin) – I just missed the throw, unfortunately.”

You did hook up with Kelvin Benjamin a few times, though. You may look at the film tomorrow, it may not be as bad as you feel it is today. But there might be a couple of positives to pull out from him.

“Going forward, we’ve got to keep grinding. We’ve got to take the positives, learn from our negatives. And then come back on Wednesday or Thursday and we’ll just go on the practice field and continue to communicate and continue to work. I only know one way to do it and that’s work. This week, I’ve only had 10 days with these guys, but I know they’re going to work and we got a bunch of good dudes in our locker room.”

What were you taking in in terms of the effort? As a veteran guy, did you have to say anything at any point?

“I didn’t think there was lack of effort by any means. Obviously, I think we need to play a little harder at times and smarter. I wouldn’t question effort. Coming out in the second half, we were trying to just kind of get some momentum. There was never a time that guys were bickering. We just come into the huddle and I’d say, ‘Hey, let’s do this one play at a time, one play at a time. You can only do it one play at a time.’ It’s cliché, but realistically that’s how you build momentum. I thought, overall, the energy was positive. I was bummed. Coach said, ‘Get your head up,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not pouting. I’m just frustrated. I expect better out of myself.’ The time and the effort that I put into this week, I expected a better result.”

How much ground do you think you can cover looking toward New England now, for you and for the offense, given what we saw on the field today?

“I’m going to come in tomorrow, I’m going to watch it. As soon as I’m done watching it, I’m moving on. I’m going to start on New England. I’m going to learn from it, obviously, but we’ve got to go. And I think we all know that.”

Coach Brian Daboll has been upstairs pretty much all season and he was downstairs today. Did that facilitate things for you to any degree, being so new to the scheme?

“It was good. He and I have, in the past, been on. He’s been on the sidelines with me. It was real good today. He was positive. We had good talks on the sidelines, coming out. I missed a couple, rotated on late a couple times, went to the wrong guy to be honest. He was like, ‘Hey.’ You know back in the day he would have been all over me, but he said, ‘Come on dude, you know better than that,’ and I know better than that. It was good having him down there, we had good conversations. Like I said, there was no griping at each other, just good communication.”

He was the coach you were referring to who was telling you not to…(have your head down)

“Yeah, I mean I’m not going to pout about it. Like I said, I expect more from myself. I came here to help this team win football games obviously in any way that I can and today I played and it wasn’t good enough.”

Safety Micah Hyde

There were some holes in the run game against you guys. Do you think you all had a good week of practice? Did they do anything that really surprised you or anything? Do you think you were prepared for everything they were going to show you?

“Yeah, we felt like we were prepared. We felt like going in we knew what they were going to do, like to do and I feel like we had a good week of practice. But we’ve got to show it on Sunday”

When things started to go poorly, how tough is it not to get them snowballing? That’s what seems to have happened in a few games. When things are going poorly, then things snowball after that.

“You’ve got to stop it. You’ve got to somehow make a play. Fortunately enough they snapped the ball over their quarterback’s head and we were able to get a safety at least from there. We just gave up too many big plays - the run game, pass plays. We didn’t communicate, just an all-around bad effort.”

Seems like it got easier as the game went on for the Colts running the ball. What was the mood and mentality of the defense in the second half?

“The same mentality as the first half. You’ve got to stop the run. We just couldn’t do it.”

Defensive End Jerry Hughes

Can you tell us what happened on the penalty? It looked like you were upset maybe about being held on the previous play, had some words with the officials and he flagged you when you came back on the field.

“No, I was upset because the guard did what he was supposed to do. I was rushing and he hit me. But for him to jump on me, it’s a little bit excessive. And they were supposed to make that a point of emphasis. Someone 350 pounds jumping on you while you’re on the ground - like that’s not good. So if the referees are not going to hold that man accountable, then I’m going to be upset.”

How frustrating was it for you then? You’ve been good avoiding those penalties so far through six games and then something like this happens

“It’s a part of football, honest to God. You guys put so much emphasis on the penalty in a game that was clearly out of our hands. We didn’t do any great football - we didn’t play great football today. I didn’t tackle. I didn’t make any plays. I didn’t get a sack, didn’t force a fumble, didn’t do anything and it showed. So, I mean a penalty - we can sit here and talk about a penalty. But my lackluster performance was horrible today. If our team is going to win games, I understand I have to get out there and make plays. The defense understands we’ve got to make plays. We understand that we didn’t play well and it stinks.”

Wide Receiver Zay Jones

What was it like with Derek Anderson in there? How was he and how do you think it felt?

“I mean Derek did his job probably the best that he could. I’m sure that he would want to do better, everybody wants to do better. Like I was saying earlier, it’s just frustrating when things just don’t go your way.”

How much does four road games in five weeks take out of a team?

“Yeah, it is. It’s a lot of traveling on the road and having to adjust to different environments. But like you said, we don’t see that as an excuse or anything. Any environment we go in, we want to play well and we didn’t get the job done today.”

Did they do anything different on defense that they hadn’t done before?

“Credit to them (with) the scheme that they came with and the things that they did. They did a good job and we can’t take anything away from them. But we had a lot of self-inflicted stuff today that I feel like really just put us behind.”

Defensive End Shaq Lawson

Obviously, Andrew Luck has been around awhile now. He's pretty solid back there. He seems to know what the call is and finds the open guys?

"Oh yeah, he's a great quarterback. We know what type of guy he is. He likes to do everything, do it all for his team. We knew what kind of guy he was coming throughout the week."

What were the troubles in stopping the run? It's uncharacteristic.

"I don't know. I guess we have to look at the film to see the corrections itself. Something as a defense, something we did. We just have to go look at the film and see what we can fix."

A little flurry in the third quarter, you got them off the field a couple of times, the offense moved down the field a little bit. There was the fumble Derek (Anderson) had and all of sudden they are in the end zone from two yards out to seal that. You were at least on the verge of making a run, maybe?

"We just wanted to come play Bills football and how we've been playing all year as a team, a defense. It didn't happen today so I guess we’ve got to go back and finish. Fix mistakes we had and get better and be ready for Monday Night Football."

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