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Opioid Task Force recommends Narcan be stored with AEDs

The Erie County Opiate Epidemic Task Force has recommended storing naloxone (Narcan) in automated defibrillator units in well-marked locations.

Naloxone is an opioid antidote that can resuscitate those who overdose on opioids, including heroin.

This recommendation supports a recent U.S. surgeon general advisory that all members of the public should know how to use naloxone and that keeping it within reach can save a life.

Opioids affect the user’s ability to breathe, so it is vital that rescuers be able to find naloxone as quickly as possible. The task force recommends it be considered as necessary as other tools used to save lives: AEDs, first-aid kits or fire extinguishers.

For additional information or to arrange training in recognizing an opiate overdose and how to use naloxone to reverse an overdose, call 858-7695 or email

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