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[BN] Blitz newsletter: A million extra dollars couldn't make Kyle Williams want to leave Buffalo

Kyle Williams is beloved in Buffalo – and a story he shared this week highlights exactly why.

Williams believes he could've made more money signing with a different team last spring. But when he thought about it, he decided that he's a Buffalo Bill at heart. And changing who he is for an extra $1 million wasn't a trade he could live with.

So the Bills' defensive stalwart took a pay cut and signed on for another year in Western New York.

"I could have gone elsewhere for more money," Williams told Vic Carucci, "but didn't really entertain that. At the end of the day, I'm a Buffalo Bill. Compared to what I made the year before, a million bucks, a half a million bucks, at a certain point it comes down to, who are you? What's your legacy? And I think, at the end of the day, I'm a Buffalo Bill. And I want to stay that way."

This is exactly the type of thing that Buffalo rallies behind. And sure, it's easier to say that when you already have several millions dollars in the bank. But Williams wouldn't have been faulted for chasing every penny he deserves. How often does a Pro Bowler turn down brighter lights and bigger paychecks to remain in Buffalo? Almost never. But Kyle did. And fans will love him even more for it.

How we see it: Five staff writers gave their predictions for Bills-Colts. Four of them picked the Bills to cover. I am surprised by that. But maybe that's because...

The offense can't get worse, can it? That was the big question in Jay Skurski's Bills Mailbag. You could make the case that no, it probably can't. But this is Buffalo. "Yes, it can. In Buffalo, it seems like things can always get worse," Skurski wrote. (Short aside: Can you imagine what the last week would've been like if the Bills didn't make the playoffs last year and all of this was happening in Year 19 of The Drought?! It would be insane. Good thing the Ravens didn't feel like tackling Tyler Boyd on fourth-and-12.)



Vic Carucci’s Take Five: Carucci wrote that the Bills will need to rely heavily on the running game this week. The Colts probably figure that, too, so the challenge will be beating a box that will likely be stacked against them.

X's and O's: If you want to get smarter about football, read Mark Gaughan's X's and O's pieces. This week's edition breaks down how the Colts use twists along their defensive line to cover for not having an elite pass rusher and how that can affect the Bills' running game. He also showed videos about how the Colts can "slant" or "crash" their D-line to stop running plays.

NFL power rankings: The Bills weren't last. They ranked 29th in Week 7.

View from Vegas: A brief look at some recent trends relative to the betting scene.


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