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A 'meal with your buzz': Casa di Pizza puts own spin on Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktails are a perfect canvas for over-the-top decoration. A giant skewer of vegetables, thick strips of bacon and even a whole cheeseburger have topped the spicy brunch beverage in bars across the nation, but Buffalo's JJ's Casa di Pizza has added its own touch: a slice of pepperoni pizza.

How Buffalo is that?

Casa di Pizza general manager Micah LaMarti has made a habit of displaying the eye-catching drink — topped with a slice that dangles over both edges of the glass — on the bar as customers arrive to watch the Bills play on Sundays.

"What the hell is that?" is a common response from customers, LaMarti explained, and many are intrigued enough to give it a try. Inspired by the trendy Facebook videos, LaMarti asked rhetorically, "Why not throw a slice of pizza on it? We're the 'house of pizza,' after all."

The Bloody Mary is available daily with the pizza slice, but a deal runs on Sundays, for $5 from noon until the bar dies down, usually after the Bills game. The general manager added that Casa uses its own special mix - not a store-bought mix - in crafting the actual cocktail (which has a tendency to drift into the background, for some reason).

"We can give you a meal with your buzz," LaMarti said, with a laugh.

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