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Letter: Trump is being unfairly criticized for his actions

I’d like to respond to two letters in the Oct. 13 Everybody’s Column. One writer said New York State’s illustrious governor should emulate California Gov. Jerry Brown and mandate 100 percent “green” energy by 2045. It will create “green” jobs, etc.

“Green” energy is not cheap. Californians already pay the highest electric rates in the nation. Californians will find out that running the electric grid on 100 percent solar and wind is impossible. By then, Brown will be long gone. Hopefully, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be long gone, too. Jobs are lost when conventional power plants close. Besides, most of the solar panels and windmills are made in China anyway.

Another letter writer says we need to elect Democrats to clean up President Trump’s mess. Well, I voted for Trump to clean up President Barack Obama’s mess. The so-called Paris Climate Accord had zero chance of congressional approval. Zero, zilch, zip, nada. That’s why Obama signed it without consulting Congress.

The Paris Climate Accord could best be described as a transfer of wealth from the USA to poorer countries and would exacerbate our national debt. Why should the USA pay poorer countries to clean up their so-called carbon emissions? Can’t they do it themselves? Seems to me we have enough disasters and hurricanes to clean up in the USA. Are foreign governments helping us with that?

In the USA, parents can and do become separated from their children. It happens when parents commit a serious crime. It’s a crime to sneak into the USA illegally. Therefore, their children can be separated. These people aren’t immigrants; they’re invaders. Immigrants do it the right way; they apply for U.S. citizenship at a port of entry.

The presidency, Senate, House and Supreme Court shouldn’t be controlled by one party? It was during the first two years of Obama’s first term. The Democrats controlled everything. Obama appointed two liberals to the Supreme Court. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Jan M. Bernas


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