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Letter: There is no need to build brand new football stadium

To the writer lamenting how we

a new stadium and that we would be at a competitive disadvantage without one. A disadvantage how?

The NFL wants more shared revenue from one of the poorest cities in the United States. Our stadium is in very nice shape, not falling apart. The Pegulas spent $18 million in the past year and anticipate spending another $18 million next year polishing our crown jewel in Orchard Park. This is in addition to the $130 million spent in the last few years keeping our stadium up to par.

The writer also claims we will not be able to meet the “national revenue” necessary to remain competitive. Many of these costs are derived from teams like the Cowboys, who spent in excess of a

to build a new stadium. Western New Yorkers cannot afford seat license fees, much less the higher cost of all tickets that a new stadium will require.

Convention center/stadium? Where? Why? Again, as a poorer locale, we need to make fewer bad choices with money that we really don’t have. Yes, our present convention center is outdated and just a poor design, but to use it as a convention center/stadium seems foolish. Here’s an idea, let’s put the new convention center near downtown, close to amenities and hotels.

Recapping, our stadium is nice, as comfortable as an old pair of jeans, and its presence in the Southtowns allows for fans to have the experience of tailgating, an essential part of Game Day in the Queen City. Moving the stadium downtown, as some would like, will eliminate most tailgates, the stadium will be smaller, with less rabid fans and traffic would be horrendous. Our passe “subway” system is not built to carry tens of thousands of fans to and from games.

Long term, a new stadium may be required, but that time has not yet come. Let’s enjoy our team and its home field as long as we can before we commit to spending billions we don’t have, won’t have anytime soon, and will be a very heavy lift.

Richard G. Pearce


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