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Letter: Seamans offers change the 61st District needs

I want to thank The Buffalo News for the Oct. 7 article about the importance of the New York State Senate races. The article clearly highlights the likely shift in power from Republican to Democrat and what this means for Western New Yorkers.

Living in the 61st State Senate district means I need to look very closely at the candidates. I have no doubt in my mind that it is of utmost importance to elect Joan Elizabeth Seamans.

Seamans clearly represents the values of most voters in the 61st District. Her staunch advocacy for the responsible use of taxpayer dollars, as well as the creation of accessible quality health care for all, are two issues that ring loudly for Western New Yorkers like myself. Seamans also supports legislation that advocates for the decent and respectful treatment of all people, from all walks of life.

On the other hand, Mike Ranzenhofer is beholden to many special interest groups, for years refusing to support legislation to close the LLC loophole for campaign contributions. At the same time, he’s been wasting taxpayer dollars promoting himself through mass mailings, often coinciding with his election campaigns.

Furthermore, he has refused to answer questions about his contacts and communications with, and monies received from, lobbying groups that oppose the Child Victims Act. Ranzenhofer also voted against the Senate bill (S8121) to remove firearms from domestic violence offenders.

Thankfully, others in the Senate saw things differently and that bill is now state law. What is he thinking? Whose interests is he really representing? If he won’t protect vulnerable victims, just who is he interested in protecting?

We need a state senator whose core values are in step with Western New Yorkers, and who will represent us in the new Democratic majority. It’s time for a change. It’s crucial.

Kirk Frieh


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