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Letter: Protect our children; vote against the GOP

I cannot wrap my head around why anyone still supports Trump and the GOP.

OK breathe, I am not insulting anyone. I don’t get it. No “but Obama” or Hillary hackles. The list of problems with Donald Trump, the GOP and investors is quite long, but only two today.

First, putting children alone in cages is a Trump administration policy to deter illegal immigration. Video proof of that there is. However you feel about immigrants there is no way to square putting kids in cages with your conscience. Obama did not rip kids away from their parents. It just did not happen. Obama did put families in detention centers while their asylum claims were processed. He also


Do you have kids? Look at them. You cannot be OK with putting kids in cages. If you are then you should not have kids.

Second, global warming is real. Science has proved it. I know everyone learned science in school, right?

The most astounding thing is by supporting Trump you are literally working to kill your grandchildren. Wouldn’t even the sliver of “well what if” all 99 percent of scientists are right make you wonder? Wouldn’t your grandkids who are here or just a twinkle make you act on that sliver? Then wouldn’t you wonder why the Trump administration is eliminating environmental safeguards, gutting the Environmental Protection Agency, leaving the Paris Climate Accord (which was illegal), and promoting practices proven to hurt the planet??

When you vote Nov. 6 think about the kids alone or lost and your grandkids. If you vote red, you are voting to kill them. There is really no other way to say what is true. But you are also voting to kill mine.

Suzanne Rogers


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