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Letter: Maintaining power has taken precedence over citizen rights

The appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is about one thing, and one thing only: maintaining power for the old, white men of this country. Sadly, the Republicans have destroyed the credibility of the Supreme Court in the process.

What the future will bring with conservatives dominating the Supreme Court is uncertain, but assaults on women’s rights, the rights of the LGBT community and most certainly on minorities will be on the agenda. It is unlikely that Roe v. Wade will be instantly overturned, but the chipping around the edges that has been going on for years will continue and perhaps accelerate. A return to the world as it was 50 years ago sounds wonderful to old, white men. A world where gays and lesbians are back in the closet, minorities know their place and women do as they are told.

There may be little that can be done to correct the damage done to the Supreme Court. What we can do is elect people to public office that care more about the country then they do about maintaining power for the privileged few.

I strongly urge you to start the changes we need to reclaim our country by voting this November for the Democratic ticket. I need not remind you of the well-publicized deficiencies of the incumbents. The Republicans currently holding the 147th State Assembly seat and the 27th Congressional District seat have shown themselves to be part of the old, white men’s club. They care nothing about your concerns. They only care about taking care of their rich cronies. Some have urged you to hold your nose and vote Republican. Is that really the legacy you want for your community and for your country?

Raymond Castro


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