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Letter: Let’s stop bickering, and count our blessings

I happen to attend church on Saturday evenings and have noticed for quite a while now how mobbed our restaurant parking lots are. Whether it’s a smaller chain drive-thru restaurant with long lines or a packed, traditional sit down place of which Western New York is blessed to have so many of.

This to me represents a very positive indicator about how well the region is doing economically. As many of us realize, it’s not inexpensive to go out to eat, even at some of the more modest restaurants. When you add kids or grandkids to the equation you’re really talking about a good amount of money. It’s not stopping Western New Yorkers from getting out there and enjoying themselves regardless of the expense, which is great news for the business owners and their employees.

I’ve noticed is all the new or late model cars, trucks, and SUV’s on the road. Vehicles are pretty expensive these days but with the trend of leasing people are going out there and trading up with confidence and taking on additional consumer debt to have a nice ride.

The many charitable benefits, walks, runs and marches that seem to be happening weekly for great causes is an obvious indicator of the caring folks out there and another positive aspect of the caring nature of Western New Yorkers.

And finally, the overall economy appears to be much improved with “help wanted” signs everywhere I drive. I can’t recall when it’s been like this in the past.

So, to summarize, I think it’s OK to take a deep breath, take a break from all the partisan debate and count our blessings. When you take the 30,000-foot view of things, life is pretty great out there. Let’s be “woke” to it and continue to enjoy it.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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