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Letter: Kavanaugh’s appointment assured no collegiality

Once Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS seemed assured, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley sanctimoniously declared that it’s time for “mending things so we can do things in a collegial way that the United States Senate ought to do.” Now that the Republicans have gotten their way (once again through chicanery), they hope to assume the mantle of collegiality.

Were they collegial when they demeaned and undercut President Barack Obama at every opportunity? Were they collegial when they blocked Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court for nearly a year until a Republican president could take office? Were they collegial when they held open hundreds of lower court judgeships for the same reason?

With this latest dishonest power-grab, the deck will be stacked in Republican favor for generations. What does this mean for the average citizen and his progeny? Consider the impact on the environment. When cases involving corporate America and environmental interests come before the courts, corporate America will win.

Republicans have ridden to power on the dangerous coalition of wealthy donors, religious extremists, white supremacists and the fanatical gun lobby. Along with the support of these extreme groups, tactics like voter suppression, gerrymandering and fearmongering have helped Republicans to assume and keep power.

I am a registered Republican living in a heavily Republican county, but I am not a fool, Chuck Grassley. I am fed up with Republican hypocrisy, dishonesty, disregard for the environment, disregard for civil liberties and, not least, disregard for the safety of schoolchildren. “Collegial” coming from the mouth of a Republican senator at this time is extremely offensive.

Phyllis Johnston


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