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Letter: West Seneca voters must restructure the Town Board

On Nov. 6 the voters of West Seneca will have an opportunity to restructure the Town Board, in order to provide a check on the power of the town supervisor. The current three-person structure does not work. Since it has passed, our town property taxes have increased by 27.50 percent with another roughly 4 percent increase proposed for this year. This happened because a three-member Town Board gave too much power to Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan. Meegan is one of two votes to approve or reject anything that she proposes, including the budget. There are virtually no checks and balances on her power with the current three-member structure.

For anyone who argues that a three-member board works just fine the way it is, I suggest that you take note of all the controversial stuff that it has failed to stop the supervisor from doing: such as the $9,000-a-year raise that Meegan did not deserve, the $3,000-a-month public relations contract that got approved, the two new positions that were created in building and grounds department this year, the expensive and oversized library/community center that was built over the objections of many town residents, the increase in the amount of daytime board meetings, and the blue-collar union contract that Meegan negotiated and voted for even though her husband was a member of the union.

The bottom line is we need the additional oversight of two more councilmen to act as a check on the supervisor’s mismanagement of our town government. For all of these reasons, I would strongly urge the people of West Seneca to vote yes on this referendum in November.

Jeff Piekarec

West Seneca

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