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Letter: Waiting for Godot… and Reed to arrive

Waiting for Godot… and Reed to arrive

Tom Reed, my congressional representative, sends pat-himself-on-the-back newsletters. At the bottom is a tab to contact him. At the bottom of that is a box to check if you want a reply. But he rarely does.

He attributed the economy to the tax cut. I wrote him that yes, the economy is doing great, but it is continuing the trend that started in 2010.

The tax cuts raised the deficit over $1 trillion and helped corporations and stockholders, and helped the rich, such as himself get richer. I asked when all those overseas jobs were going to come flocking back here. Yes, Amazon is raising its minimum wage, but it is the world’s largest retailer. But Reed didn’t reply.

He said he supported the environment, espousing the Great Lakes initiative. I wrote him that the Great Lakes are of utmost importance in all regards. But I pointed out that he and the Republicans deny climate change, are easing emission standards, allowing our federal lands to be raped for oil and other interests by private entities and want to revive the coal industry. But he didn’t reply.

I called him a Trump puppet; blindly following and agreeing with everything he says and does, never criticizing him. I asked Reed specifically what he thought of the Helsinki summit press conference when Trump defended his buddy, ex-KGB thug Vladimir Putin, and threw our intelligence departments under the bus. But Reed didn’t reply.

I did give him the credit he deserves for his Problem Solvers Conference. I truly hope it succeeds.

So I’ll keep trying. Maybe something is wrong with my computer. I’ll get a response one of these days.

Jeff Miller


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