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Letter: Trump has firmly kept all the wrong promises

The latest rallying cry of the cult of Trumpians is: “He has kept all of his campaign promises.” According to Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen published in the Oct. 13 News, this is a commendable virtue. I disagree.

Yes, he has kept promises with spineless Republicans controlling all three branches of government.

Yes, he has managed to pack the Supreme Court with far-right conservative justices which will systematically undo civil rights, voting rights and the will of the majority of our citizens.

Yes, he’s managed to pass a tax bill that favors corporate interests and run up the national debt to record-breaking heights.

Yes he has managed to make an abomination of immigration policies with thousands of children caged in detention centers who will never be reunited with their parents and,

Yes, he’s managed to divide the nation and drag its people into the verbal gutter with bullying, lying and disregard for our democratic values, constantly undermining a free press and the rule of law.

President Trump’s pandering promises kept have made us a sorry nation.

Work for Democratic wins in the midterm elections to stop this descent into authoritarianism. This assault on our American values has to end.

Lucia Leone Sleight LCSW-R


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