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Letter: How much is enough for football Hall of Famers?

Pro Football Hall of Famers are threatening to boycott the annual Canton enshrinement and the NFL’s centennial celebration planned for 2020 unless they receive health care benefits, a salary of $300,000 per year and a share of the NFL’s revenue.

A letter signed by Eric Dickerson and other HOFer’s to Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that “People know us from our highlight reels. They see us honored and mythologized before games and at halftime. ... we are struggling with severe financial problems ... and deserve more.”

Dickerson, slighted by the size of Goodell’s $40 million compensation package and the “impending” $1 billion housing facility at the HOF Village in Canton, stated “It is not right to invest in such a project without first acknowledging the league’s debt to its great players.” The village is privately financed by donations that includes an all-inclusive retirement community, a health care facility and free membership to the exclusive Glenmoor Country Club for Hall of Famers.

Last year $4.5 million was paid out to HOFer’s for appearance fees and all expenses are paid when a HOFer and his family returns to Canton for enshrinement week.

This season team owners conceded to an $89 million “social justice package” negotiated by the players coalition for assurances that every player would stand for the national anthem. Many players still defy the agreement to stand.

Will the players’ “one dog-one bone” philosophy ever end? Unfortunately,

, this is only the beginning.

Joe Cyran


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