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Letter: Guns in the nation must take center stage in debates

One of the issues playing out in the coming election is of course gun violence and the need for sensible regulations to get control of this rampage happening across our country. We can no longer allow a small minority to dictate our lack of a reasonable approach to this issue. A basic question, never asked, is why does a private citizen need to possess a military rifle? It is a very efficient killing machine with only one purpose, to take human life. Nothing else.

We have seen many examples of misuse of the military rifle over the last few years. No need to mention the children of Sandy Hook, the students of Parkland, or the music fans of Las Vegas. The astounding thing is that we have not learned from these tragedies. Every effort to examine gun safety has been stymied by organizations like the National Rifle Association, because it knows that having a reasonable and intense debate is not something that it can win.

Instead, the gun rights folks attack the victims, claiming that they are child actors, that the attacks never happened, that it’s all a lie to deny them their God-given gun rights. The Second Amendment was not given to Moses on a tablet. It’s not even correctly interpreted today, as the first phrase is virtually ignored.

The NRA wraps itself in the flag and all things American, while acting as a conduit for Vladimir Putin’s influence on our 2016 election, to the tune of at least $30 million, according to some reports. Alexander Torshin, a life member of the NRA, is a Russian politician close to Putin and presently under investigation by Robert Mueller. Is your country not more important than your gun?

The choice could not be clearer in the 27th District. Rep. Chris Collins would bring his gun to public gatherings (if he could). Nate McMurray wants to examine the issue, and at least get a dialogue going. The gun rights people will be in the voting booth for sure. The question is, will enough concerned citizens show up to bring some sanity to our nation?

David Frank


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