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Letter: Feds should act quickly to prevent catastrophe

How many times have we seen on the news that residents in line of an approaching hurricane should evacuate – and don’t.

For whatever reason, they refuse to believe that the storm will not affect them, so they hunker down and wait for eminent disaster to strike, hoping that it will pass them by.

OK, so they may survive the storm but we all know that power will be out, potable water in short supply, food scarce and sanitation non-existent.

You can’t fix stupid. Nothing is worth risking your life or those you are responsible for by ignoring the order to evacuate.

When the storm passes, and it takes weeks, maybe even months, to rebuild they will repeat past mistakes making their domicile vulnerable to another weather event using the same type of construction that failed the first time around, and expect us to feel sorry for them.

Our tax dollars should not be used to fix a reoccurring problem using old technology, but to find architectural and engineering solutions that will lessen the impact of future weather events. Miami-Dade figured it out and revised their building codes, and so should other communities that habitually lie in the path of hurricanes and tornados.

While we may never be able to convince some people to leave and avoid the danger, we can make changes to reduce the devastation and potential risk to human life. The federal government needs to be more pro-active and less reactive so that headlines like these become a thing of the past.

Charles Carter


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