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Letter: America’s reputation is being soiled by lies

Under the current Republican regime, House, Senate and presidency, we are taking other people’s children – or federal kidnapping if you did it – and putting them in cages or, in the desert, in a tent.

We are bowing to dictators and insulting our friends. We are facing higher prices on everything because of a tariff war started with lies. No one has gotten a $4,000 raise, yet this year your home equity line of credit is subject to exemption of interest paid if you did not use it on your house specifically.

We have lost the business mileage, charity mileage and medical mileage deduction for nine years. Anyone paying alimony, that deduction is gone. We are limited on our state tax deduction but the Trump government will still demand, through federal revenue sharing, the lion’s share of New York money to send to the states whose bills we pay. We are subjected to an avalanche of lies every day that insult the intelligence of a 6-year-old.

To top it off Donald Trump is defending murder. A Washington Post columnist goes into a Saudi embassy on Turkish soil and the Turks say they have proof that he was tortured and killed and then dismembered. Trump says he talked to the Saudis and they deny it and he’s fine with that. He does not want to do anything because they buy weapons. He lied about the amount and left out that Barack Obama set up the sales before he left office. Also, Trump said China or Russia would get the sale instead, which is stupid because the systems don’t mesh.

Bottom line, we need to get our idea of our country back or live with the reputation of being a cold, cruel, nasty, easily bought enemy of the world.

Teresa Lukasik


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