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Letter: Trump takes the prize in tradition-breaking

An Oct. 10 letter writer stated, “Thank God for term limits in government,” in suggesting that President Barack Obama broke tradition by campaigning this past month.

Let’s look at breaking tradition by President Donald Trump. He has been on the campaign trail (“rallies”) versus working as past presidents since he took the oath of office. I’ve followed politics since President Dwight D. Eisenhower and can’t think of any other president who has campaigned other than the last few months before an election.

The only other leader that I can think of to incessantly hold “rallies” was Adolph Hitler.

Also, regarding the economy Obama started a cycle of growth and recovery even with a Republican head of the Senate who stated that his main goal was to deny cooperation and a second term. Yes, Trump may have “turned an after burner” on under business, but the slow growth under Obama also took into consideration the environment and a vision for future fuels. A true leader is a visionary.

John Garra

Louisville, Colo.

(Formerly, Hamburg)

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