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Letter: Police chief deserves the public’s consideration

Regarding the terrible opioid crisis that is going on these days, I always used to say that I do not condone it in any way, shape or form, but I truly feel sorry for anyone or any family this happens to. As my departed mother always used to say, “God forbid.”

Nothing could be truer than when I learned that this had happened to Kenmore Police Chief Peter Breitnauer. Knowing Breitnauer personally for many years, I was in absolute shock, as I’m sure many others were, when I heard this had happened to him. It would be as if someone was accusing me of something like this.

As a fellow, retired law enforcement officer, I can only tell you that the Peter Breitnauer I know is a very, very stellar individual. I remember looking up to him many years ago when I was in the police academy. Peter is steadfast, intelligent, dedicated, service oriented, honest, sincere, courageous, compassionate, with very strong morals and values. This man was most definitely put on this earth to help people, whether it be the Kenmore Police Department or the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department.,

Now, it is time for the system to help him help himself and possibly others, yet again. The lesson from all of this is if this can happen to a police officer, it can happen to anyone, including yourself or someone in your family. No, he is not above the law whatsoever but let us not forget all the good this man has done.

Jackie Santa Maria

BPD Officer (Retired)

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