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Letter: Dealing with climate change will help stave off disaster

With the terrible weather phenomena that we have been experiencing in the past few years and the almost universal acceptance in the belief in “climate change,” we know that we must act now for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Ninety-eight percent of scientists around the world agree that the polar ice caps are melting because of the mass of carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere as a result of coal, oil and natural gas emissions.

Recent hurricanes have become much more severe because of the increasing temperatures in the oceans. Warmer water provides more energy causing higher wind speeds. And the storms will carry greater flooding potential because warmer air carries more moisture.

Much of the moisture gets into the atmosphere causing excess rain and snow in some areas and drought in others. Record high temperatures have occurred in the past few summers and winters have been more severe because of the increasing moisture in the atmosphere. Water levels are rising, threatening low-lying cities like Boston, New York and New Orleans. These are only some of the results of “climate change.”

All of the major countries of the world, except for the United States presently, are trying to head off disaster by moving to more environmentally friendly industries and renewable energy sources. Let’s hope that the effort is not already too late!

John W. Kowalski


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