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Letter: All those who ‘serve’ should receive gratitude

It seems that more and more often when I shop I’m asked if I qualify for a military discount. I don’t, however, it got me thinking. The military receive a discount because they “serve” and “defend” our country. Many have received devastating wounds of many types as a product of war. Some suffer from depression or post-traumatic stress disorder as well as other physical, mental and spiritual wounds.

This led me to think of how many other people in this country “serve” and “support” others. They walk with those who are facing serious illness, death, natural disasters, domestic, child and sexual abuse, addictions, crisis situations and more. They are the first responders, social workers, chaplains, police, firefighters, nurses and many, many other professionals too numerous to include.

These people also give their all and often suffer from depression, burnout, compassion fatigue and PTSD, due to the devastating situations they find themselves in, caring for those in need.

Perhaps we ought to be reminded of all people who serve “in love” and remember them, show gratitude toward them and appreciate all that they do and endure as they too “serve” in very difficult, traumatic situations.

Camille Buckley


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