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Amherst pizzeria isn't fooled with counterfeit dough twice

An Amherst pizzeria that got ripped off by a customer using a fake $100 bill last week didn't let the fraud happen again.

The initial theft happened Oct. 3 when a $75 food order was delivered to a home on Minnesota Avenue, between Cordova and Parkridge avenues, in Buffalo. The person who paid the delivery driver handed over a fake $100 bill and ran away, according to a police report.

Then on Tuesday night, a $61.90 food order was placed for delivery to a nonexistent address on Westminster Avenue in Buffalo, according to another report. The driver met the customer down the street where a person tried to pay with a $100 bill. The driver couldn't make change, so he went back to the pizzeria and came back with a manager.

When the customer approached, the manager asked if he was paying with "a $100 bill like last week," and the customer ran away into a home on Stockbridge Avenue, according to the report.

The calls to the pizzeria came from different cellphone numbers, but the same name was used to place the order, according to the reports.

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