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Letter: State should have granted an exemption on adoption

In regards to Catholic Charities’ decision to stop providing adoption and foster care services, why has there been no outcry for New York State to grant them an exemption? Catholic Charities isn’t the one who changed.

Our government has found a demonically clever way to do an “end around” the establishment clause of the First Amendment. They added to the definitions of marriage and family and now insist on imposing this newly formed state dogma over the ancient dogmas of orthodox faiths.

When Massachusetts and Illinois gave Catholic Charities the choice between obeying the state or God, they chose God and closed shop.

When I served on the Lackawanna School Board we had an incident whereby our Muslim students weren’t give a choice of a non-pork lunch selection. It wasn’t deliberate.

To the Muslim students’ credit, they chose hunger rather than violate their faith.

When the staff realized the mistake, no one said “take it or leave it,” or “what’s the big deal?” They made accommodations because it was the right and respectful thing to do.

Bob Lohr


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