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Letter: McMurray promises access to affordable health care

I was disheartened to read Chris Collins debasing his opponent, Nate McMurray, over what Collins called “…Canadian style health care…”

The time is long past to pretend our present system is anything other than immoral and barbaric. My Canadian relatives are happy with their fair, equal access to health care and remain aghast that so many here in the United States die from lack of affordable care.

I am also fed up that people have to resort to internet fundraising to help others with crushing medical bills. Even one such case is disgraceful.

McMurray knows that many individuals in western New York are delaying retirement in order to continue their health insurance.

Paradoxically, many older residents would be able to care more for themselves and family members if they did not have to worry about carrying health insurance.

Energetic Western New Yorkers might wish to start their own business or farm, but are trapped in other lines of employment simply to maintain their health insurance.

Young Western New Yorkers starting their careers are crushed under student loan debt while trying to also find and keep health insurance for themselves and families.

Since most people now work in what is known as the “gig” economy, they often cannot find employment sponsored health insurance and must either go without or pay hefty monthly fees for insurance.

It looks like the GOP health plan is to keep everyone sick, broke and exhausted.

I am looking forward to voting for Nate McMurray.

With Nate as a member of the United States Congress, individuals and families in western New York will finally have an opportunity for fair, equal, affordable access to health care.

Cecilia Kelly Ladd


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