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Letter: Senate has many reasons not to confirm Kavanaugh

The discussions and accusations – and denials – about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s past behavior are upsetting. The despicable behaviors and attacks described by the women from his past are awful; what troubles me almost as much, and perhaps most telling, are his responses.

When asked a straightforward question in a TV interview, a question requiring either a “yes” or a “no” answer, Kavanaugh went on for quite a while, describing what he didn’t do.

Most of all troubling to me, I have yet to hear him say that he thinks those actions of which he’s accused are terrible and are greatly demeaning of the women involved. That if he had committed them while drunk, he would apologize profusely, that that’s not who he is now. I’ve never heard him say anything like that. Nor would we ever hear that kind of talk from his mentor in the White House.

We can’t know how a possible future justice of the Supreme Court might vote, but we ought to be able to get a sense of how he regards the value of each person, how he regards the responsibility of actions by anyone, including men of any age, and how he views the value of women whose lives his votes might impact greatly.

There are other important reasons not to confirm him to the appointment he seeks: primarily his closeness with and indebtedness to the White House. Virginia Little Paul


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