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Letter: Current state of affairs is distressing for citizens

A few facts about our current state: The rich just received a fantastic tax break a few months ago. The deficit was under $700 billion a year ago and now it’s $895 billion. The defense budget is untouchable. We have fewer banks but all are bigger than they were in 2008. Remember too big to fail?

College loan debt has crippled our youth and is a looming crisis. More people working? Yes, if you call seasonal part time work with no benefits a job.

Where are the Republicans and the tea party who stopped the government in 2013 because we were spending too much? Now it’s crazy spending and we are in a bubble which will soon burst.

Why is there money for another tax break but when anyone tries to improve Medicare or reduce College tuition the knee jerk reaction from Congress is always “How are we going to pay for it?” Why do we need bases and troops in every country of the world? It’s supposed to be Doctors without Borders not Soldiers without Borders. We’re building a new $100 million drone base in Africa but let’s see how much President Donald Trump spends to repair roads and bridges in North Carolina.

We should be asking Congress how are we going to pay for a new F35 (the plane that will never fly) or more funding for Afghanistan (the war that will never end) or new outdated weapons (for an enemy who doesn’t exist).

And now we are discussing Tax Reform 2.0 for the rich whose greed will never end.

Phil Parshall


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