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Letter: Trump’s egotism knows no limits

Our president is one who has excessive interest in admiration of himself, and who is vain, selfish, self-involved and holds a superiority attitude as well as an overbearing manner. All of these traits are that of a narcissist, and a very arrogant person. He has nearly compared himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Remember that Trump stated that he knew more than the generals. How about his recent statement at the United Nations General Assembly? He claimed pompously that his administration, in less than two years, has accomplished more than almost any other administration in United States history. Unfortunately, for Trump his response was greeted with awkward laughter, as it should have been.

His self-grandiose style makes it impossible for him to show any empathy or compassion for his mistakes in Puerto Rico, and to all those poor immigrant children who were and still are without their parents.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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