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Letter: Players have good reason to kneel during anthem

It never ceases to amaze how many continue to deny the real reason for their anger regarding the football players and the flag. I have total respect for those who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If you have even a basic understanding you will realize that their sacrifice was to allow us to freely express our love for this country but also to challenge what needs to change.

If you think that people of color have received equal and fair treatment from the law you have not been paying attention. How many more need to die before we actually do something to properly train those charged with protecting us? Just for a moment put yourself in the shoes of a mother or father of color explaining to their child how to act so as not end up a victim. When he was in office President Barack Obama was roundly criticized for saluting with a coffee cup in his hand.

The current occupant of the White House is an obvious draft dodger, has insulted a now-deceased Vietnam War veteran, disrespected a Gold Star family, called Nazis “good people,” praised Russian President Vladimir Putin while denouncing our FBI and CIA with very little outrage from veterans. So if your anger is really about disrespecting the flag I would hope to see more veterans speaking out. I still respect your sacrifices for our country but I don’t respect your hypocrisy.

I believe the distrust and fear of the other is part of our being, what we all need to understand is that no matter your color, religion or place of origin we all want the same thing for ourselves and our families. If we all understand this basic need we all have, perhaps the current divide will diminish over time.

Hank Olejniczak


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