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Letter: Malone is proving church anything but transparent

OMG! Tongue in cheek. Bishop Richard Malone has stated frequently in The News that he wants the clergy to be more translucent. As head of the Catholic Church in this area is he to be believed?

Recent headlines included one that stunned me. It was announced that the church is upset that WKBW news got hold of communications between the bishop and his “closed circle.” So what does he do? He has security cameras installed and limits access to a special place to a few chosen people. That doesn’t sound like transparency. Not being a religious person, I would like to believe that the church is there to serve its congregation.

Kudos to Paul Snyder III, one of the church’s own, for standing tall amongst his congregants and not only calling for being transparent but actually being transparent.

I have no desire to see the church or Malone stumbling. I do, however, feel saddened that the stumbling is coming from the inside. If I feel that way, then it is even sadder for the devout Catholics.

Peter BonSey


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