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Letter: ‘Hamilton’ ticket process is discouraging for fans

I am so disappointed with the process of purchasing “Hamilton” tickets at Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. I do not have season tickets but have gone to many, many shows at Shea’s over the years. This particular process to try to obtain tickets seems ludicrous.

First you have to go to Ticketmaster and register with the Ticketmaster Verified Fan Program, then you will be notified if you are eligible to receive up to four tickets. And or you can go to Shea’s on Friday, Oct. 5 and stand in line at 5 a.m. and receive a wrist band which you may or may not be picked to purchase up to four tickets.

What is going on?

Is this the way you treat customers? I have always gone directly to the box office and purchased tickets and been completely satisfied.

The management of Shea’s needs to hear this. I know the reason they say is to avoid scalpers or bots…come on. Do the right thing and allow people to come to the box office and purchase tickets for a show they have been waiting to see. The show has a three-week run!

Philomena Gallagher


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