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Letter: Collins tries to trick voters in McMurray spot

Chris Collins continues to mislead and misinform the voters of the 27th congressional district for the benefit of his own self-interest with his most recent commercial slamming his opponent, Nate McMurray.

The commercial shows McMurray speaking Korean while underscoring it with a banner of untruths about his work with the South Korean government, thus making it seem that the banner is interpreting what McMurray is saying. Then, a picture of Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea is inserted next to McMurray making it seem like the two have some sort of business relationship.

The only truth in the entire commercial is that McMurray does speak Korean, which is more that we can say for Collins. On second thought, Collins does speak another language: the language of deceit. Apparently Collins can’t help himself from lying. But what can the voters expect from someone who was recently indicted for lying to the F.B.I.

Shame on you Chris Collins. Oh, and by the way, I approve this message.

Gerald Scott


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