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Letter: Collins’ lack of ethics should not be rewarded

I never viewed Buffalo and the surrounding region as red or blue; the only blue Buffalonians have is in their collars. Our roots of righteousness run deep, from our immigrant grandparents, our parents and members of our extended family, who have instilled in us integrity, morals, family values and ethics.

Buffalonians understand the meaning of hard work. We were taught at a young age the difference between right and wrong, and that there are consequences for our actions, both good and bad.

As Election Day looms, I am saddened to read in The News about Rep. Chris Collins’ strong chances of winning re-election. Although I do not live in the 27th District, I cannot understand how anyone in that district can vote for him.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with news of our divided country, our “tribal loyalty.” When did we become so divided that we would rather put a potential felon in office than a Democrat?

Our money was earned through hard work and sweat, not by insider trade deals. How is this OK?

Buffalo makes the national news far too often for all the wrong reasons. Our weather, our beloved Bills not winning the Super Bowl, and on and on. Maybe it’s time we make the national news by voting Collins out of office by a landslide. Let us show the rest of the country Buffalonians don’t make their money by cheating, our souls are not for sale to the highest bidder.

Linda Bartholomew


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