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Letter: Choice of candidates should not be difficult

Congressman Chris Collins is again running for office, to the great astonishment of his party and all of us. Charged with security fraud, should he represent his district? It’s legal, but is it ethical?

Would his constituents want to be represented by a person who is facing serious criminal charges? Will he be able to keep the promises he will no doubt make to be reelected? Will Collins work for the 27th District with dedication and devotion and as an elected official should, or will he be busy with his own problems? Will he stand for those who would elect him or for himself? This is absurd. We just have doubt instead of firm answers. People of the 27th deserve better.

Nate McMurray has clearly presented his plans and his program. He will work hard for his constituents should he be elected. I believe that McMurray, who is an honest person and has never been involved in any scandal or a shady situation, will fight for reducing the cost of education, for affordable health care, for the environment, will defend Social Security and represent his district with dignity and integrity. McMurray means what he promises. His pledges are not empty. He will be busy taking care of his constituents rather than trying to stay out of jail.

So what is it going to be: Collins, who faces an unknown future, whose ethics are questionable and who may not be able to do much if anything for his constituents, or McMurray with his clear program, great record and total honesty?

Is this a complicated decision?

Bronia Karst


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