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Letter: Catholic Charities is in a tough position

I am heartbroken about the Catholic Church. It is hard to understand how an institution could evolve in a way that lead to protecting priest predators while at the same time harshly judging and excluding our fellow citizens who happen to be gay.

The Catholic Church has struggled with problems for years but during all those years there has always been a beacon of light shining from the charitable arm of the Church-Catholic Charities.

I have known Dennis Walczyk for over 40 years, Dennis is a self reflective, humble man who works tirelessly to unite and not divide. I am certain he was not motivated by a desire to “curb employee communications” to make this controversy go away. He has been charged with the enormous task of uniting (Catholic) and (Charities) in a coherent practice combining policy, doctrine, and love at a time when there is overwhelming skepticism regarding the church. And in my opinion he is doing so without the public support of the church hierarchy.

As a community, we need to advocate for those who the church has victimized but let’s not let light of Catholic Charities be dimmed. It is too important to too many people.

Maggie Buckley

David Morlock

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