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Letter: Boot is out of bounds on NFL kneelers column

Syndicated columnist Max Boot (“Why doesn’t Trump get it? Protest is as American as a football game,” Sept. 13) is correct that protest is as American as apple pie.

He cites many examples of protest both agreeable and disagreeable and asks us to believe that the NFL kneelers are the same. The difference, compared to his examples, is that the NFL protesters are at work, being paid, in front of a captive audience. An audience with no recourse at that moment but to respectfully honor the anthem.

The kneelers are not daring protesters but, rather, highly paid attention seekers, protected by security guards, who stir up controversy and then run to the shelter of their union for protection from their bosses. Brave souls indeed!

Colin Kaepernick is out of football (but not out of work) because team chemistry is critical for success in sports. The owners are smart to keep their distance from him and his divisive personality. Opinionated Richie Incognito is also out of football but there are no collusion allegations despite league wide needs for offensive (no pun intended) linemen. Despite their differences they are out of football for the same reason. Max should get the boot on this one.

Mark Hoffman


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