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Grand Island High School rocked by 'St. Joes' rock painting

It's not like vandals sprayed grafitti on the rock of Gibraltar. But alumni were outraged this week when someone defaced the cone-shaped rock outside Grand Island High School.

It's a point of pride for students to leave their mark on the rock in paint.

"The rock's been there right from the beginning. It's always been this class battle," said Robert Ratajczak Jr., class of 1988. "I think the idea was, paint the rock not the school."

However, the attorney noticed something unusual around 3 p.m. Monday: the words "St. Joes Rulez" painted on the rock.

He took a picture and posted it to Facebook, along with a plea to current students to promptly defend the school's honor.

He also teased his son and his friends about how they could allow this to happen on their watch. Ratajczak said students had painted it over by the time he came back to pick up his son a few hours later.

Speculation on the identity of the culprit centered on island residents who attend St. Joe's.

Grand Island Superintendent Brian Graham declined to comment. St. Joe's said in an email, "While we agree with the sentiment, we are questioning the notion that this is the work of a St. Joe's student given the misspelling."

Ratajczak, for his part, doesn't want to encourage any paint retaliation against St. Joe's.

"My fear is it gets stupider than that," he said.

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