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Letter: Senate must be open to both sides of the judicial debate

I can’t understand the evangelicals when they express frustration with Republicans and the White House for not protecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh, warning that conservative voters may not vote in November if Kavanaugh’s nomination falls apart.

Can this be a warning?

Several of these leaders are urging Republicans to move forward with confirmation, unless the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault tells her story.

The evangelical leaders apply pressure warning religious conservatives may have little motivation to vote in the midterms. They say it’s a Democratic ploy to keep President Donald Trump from filling feature court vacancies.

It seems to me the evangelicals and the Koch brothers are running the Republican Party and what they say, goes.

What about Christine Blasey Ford? She did take a lie detector test and passed by telling the truth. Why not give Kavanaugh a lie detector and see if he’ll tell the truth?

So, until we know the answer, just wait and listen with an open heart.

Carol Sundquist


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