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Letter: Planning boards should focus on protecting our resources

It’s about time that the efforts of a band of people who were working to clean up and beautify our waterways were recognized and that there is a correlation between spending money doing the right thing and reaping economic benefits.

Automakers, who were forced to find ways to make cars more fuel efficient and emit fewer pollutants, discovered that they could still make a profit while obeying directives from the government. I can only pray that the current administration doesn’t find a way of ruining our kids’ chances of survival as it rolls back requirements to keep our air and water clean.

But I read almost daily about buildings going up in the city and “developing” the waterfront that only rich people will be able to enjoy. They’ll be able to afford the nice view that a condo building, creeping ever closer to the actual water, gives. Tourists with extra vacation money will fill hotels with “steps to the beach.” It’s not right to take away plenty of access to the water and inexpensive fun for the rest of us, so that the owners of these buildings, which are quite unimaginative, can grab more wealth. It’s

waterfront, and privatizing the beachfront is so wrong. The people who actually live here have a right to enjoy our natural resources without limitations.

And, while I’m on the subject of buildings, I see strip malls going up on many corners that have only one tenant. Why not use buildings that already exist? There is a large factory on the corner of Walden Avenue and Dick Road that has been sitting there empty for quite some time. Cheektowaga and other towns should insist that companies who want to enlarge or put up a new building check out existing buildings before putting up a new monstrosity.

Planning boards need to use more sense. Maintain areas of wetlands so that if our area ever suffers heavy rains, the natural water absorbers haven’t already been paved over.

Becky Arcese


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