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Letter: Personal experience evokes empathy for judge’s accuser

Three years ago, rape was attempted on me. The circumstances were very different from those alleged by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but to focus on the differences is to blur the importance of either event.

Her recounting of her allegation rings very true to me: the suddenness, the physical power over her, the thought that a specific action taken by her assailant might kill her.

I was lucky: I was 67 years old. Except for having accidentally left one window unlocked, I had nothing to be ashamed of. I knew I had done nothing to bring on the attack. As a divorced woman, I was not inexperienced.

Not yet elderly, I was able to hold my own against him in bed. And so I felt free of all concerns when I called 911. I received the most respectful care from the police, the hospital, the prosecutor, and the judge. He was arrested five days later and pled guilty.

Blasey Ford was a teenager, probably very inexperienced. How could she tell her parents, much less the police? And what would people say if she “tried” to get these promising prep school boys in trouble?

How I feel for her!

Susan Hale Whitmore

Niagara Falls

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