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Letter: Niagara Falls must find better fix to money issues

Niagara Falls is facing a financial crisis with lost casino revenue, and now must decide on a course of action.

Increasing the tax on refuse collection of city residents is definitely not a way to win re-election.

Simple solution. If you are a taxpayer and one morning wake up having an epiphany deciding not to pay your taxes, the government will relieve you of your property and sell it for back taxes. That is the law.

Can anyone explain to me why the Native American casino falls through the cracks on this one and can overnight claim exemption from paying its fair share?

If you are a Native American business, and not on the reservation, what makes you think that the casino becomes sovereign land?

You, my friends, are now taxpayers like anyone else, subject to the same rules. Perhaps it is time to renegotiate their tax-free status or cut off federal aid completely since the casino revenue is supposed to help all tribal members but apparently does not.

The days of double dipping should come to an end, and local residents should not have to make up the deficit created by weak government officials.

Charles D. Carter


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