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Letter: Couple should have gone elsewhere for adoption

The Catholic Church is under attack for abuse and rightly so. However, I take exception to the blame it has received regarding the adoption issue. The church does not recognize any marriage or commitment between anyone other than a male and female. That is just a fact and most people know that. After all if one wants an abortion, one does not go to Sisters hospital or Kenmore Mercy Hospital.

Conversely, if a same sex couple want to adopt why would they go to a place where it is not allowed? In both cases there are alternative places where one can receive those services.

Is it possible this couple was testing the waters and challenging the church with an eye toward a lawsuit? Unfortunately for the many couples who are part of the Catholic adoption procedures, it was forced to shut down.

Please let us concern ourselves with the continuing horror of the sexual abuse within the church and not get side tracked over other things concerning the church.

Margaret McLean


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