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Letter: Collins is sounding disingenuous, selfish

There is arrogance and then there is arrogance. Chris Collins, the House of Representatives member from the 27th Congressional District, tells his constituency that he intends to pursue his seat in Congress while under indictment for several felonies.

While he is innocent until proven guilty, the facts that have been made public seem indisputably incriminating. His reason for running is that a fear of the “radical left” will be far worse than a someone under legal scrutiny.

President Trump, whose many catch phrases included the likes of “drain the swamp,” is supporting a candidate who seems to epitomize that very swamp. Collins is a person of wealth who has consistently refused to conduct meetings in his district to hear the voice of the voters. What kind of representation has he afforded the people in the district? Very little as far as this voter is concerned.

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the district was not able to get a candidate for a lesser office to give up his candidacy so that Collins could be removed from the ballot. Nobody wanted to fall on the sword that is in Collins’ hand, least of all Collins himself, who should have been honorable enough to find a way out of the mess he created, even if it meant moving away.

I urge people who vote in the 27th District to reject a candidacy based on fear. They deserve a person who will have the interests of the district foremost in their minds, not someone who did not represent them to begin with.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst

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